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  Restoration of Old Houses

Renaissance Man Restoration specializes in the architectural preservation and historic Restoration Old Houses of all architectural styles. He has over 38 years experience in New York and the Los Angeles area. His experience includes being a California Bungalow contractor and Janes Cottage contractor.

An architectural background and a degree in photography provide an extensive knowledge of literally anything to do with vintage homes, as well as ensures the ultimate attention to detail. Trustworthy and efficient, the interests of the client are paramount, who will be told if something isn't necessary or appropriate. Comments such as 'I never met a contractor who advises me correctly and turns down work - and correctly proceeds with the job' are common. 

Traveling to Berkeley to pick up the toilet bowl that was found to be a perfect match with the other six in the Craftsman house was only one of many considerations made to the client to provide the most faithful attention to detail that was promised. Only the highest quality and appropriate materials are used with the correct preparation, ensuring work that will last and restore the house and property to the condition as originally intended.

'Save Our History - Love an Old House' is a favorite quote, as we are merely caretakers of that which came before us. Having worked closely with the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Landmarks Preservation Commission of the City of New York (helping landmark over 1500 buildings and saving many of those already listed - the record for a 'nomination to the designation' of six weeks for a process that usually takes 1-1/2 years still stands). Member of Pasadena Heritage, Altadena Heritage, Altadena Historical Society, Los Angeles Conservancy, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

We have an extensive knowledge of all styles of architecture.

Please contact us for any of your restoration or contracting needs. 


  1. “Renaissance Man Restoration either personally does the highest quality work himself, or supervises an entire project with his long list of trustworthy and equally qualified subcontractors to ensure that all proceeds in a logical and effective manner. No shortcuts are taken and the final product is exceptional. His attention to the slightest detail is unlike any other contractor we've had. He comes very highly recommended." Richard - Santa Monica
  2. "John is a general building contractor who is extremely knowledable with any type or style of architecture, and has a wonderful source of licensed subcontractors who are qualified to do any project that is presented. He also has personal 'hands-on' experience in all trades and supervises everything on the job to ensure the best possible result. I give him a very well deserved five stars in all categories and on every level." Pat - Hancock Park.
  3. “I owned two Craftsman Bungalows in Pasadena which I was able to sell only through the efforts of John, both in the actual restoration and with his good relations with the building department and background in landmarking and creating special districts. I also have a duplex in Venice Beach which has been totally restored on the exterior, and along with the colors chosen has made it a showcase. A very talented and trustworthy individual. You couldn't ask for anything more.” Larry - Venice Beach
  4. "An extensive knowledge of various architectural styles as well as preservation and restoration is quite impressive - with attention to the smallest detail resulting in a wonderful final product, including faithful replications of architectural details. He has an architectural background and corrected my architect's plans, making several blueprint revisions in design and terminology which enabled him to get all plans approved and permits obtained from the City of Pasadena that were rejected in previous attempts by others. Superior quality work at very reasonable prices. Most highly recommended." Steven - Pasadena
  5. "I knew John from a previous consultation and when I bought this 1925 California Bungalow I asked him if he would take on the task of doing a faithful and complete historic restoration, combined with a total upgrade of the building. Most would have considered it to be a 'tear down' but I was elated when John accepted the challenge. The end result has transformed this beautiful little house into what it was when it was built - and that much more. What was described as a blight on the neighborhood for decades is now the most strikingly beautiful house in a radius on many blocks of noteworthy historic homes. His unique design capabilities and choices of colors are simply wonderful - and his attention to the smallest detail is extraordinary. He had full control over the project and even found vintage lighting and the original telephone! No one else would have understood this project or how to proceed with it. Everyone said we were both crazy but John did yet another miracle. And I thank him for it." Brian - Pasadena
  6. "Our wonderful historic house was built by an Italian immigrant cellist who loved rocks. Silvio Lavateili performed with Leopold Stokowski - was part of the Woodstock Art Colony and 'Maverick String Quartet Concerts - had an afternoon radio program - and appeared in 'Swiss Miss' and 'Saps at Sea' with Laurel and Hardy. His beloved house has suffered over the years and John took on the task of faithfully restoring the exterior to its original condition -uncovering forgotten concrete ramps, making beautiful stairs and pathways with all custom railings, and replacing most of the original siding and trim. Our wonderful house finally looks as it should be and it's absolutely incredible! Silvio would be proud and would also be very much appreciative - as we are." Louis - Eagle Rock
  7. "We were delighted to see Mr. Diele's work on the total exterior restoration of the 1930 historic Water Pump Station at McDonald Park. Maintenance of historic structures involves not only the regular repair of worn and weathered elements but also has the additional requirement that the treatments be historically appropriate in technique and finish. The color palate that he has selected to refinish the exterior surfaces achieves this requirement. We extend our support of all of Mr. Diele's work." Pasadena Heritage - Pasadena
  8. "I have known John for 10 years and during that time his talents and exceptional services have been invaluable to me. All work that was done, including full and complete 'take-down' restorations, was undertaken in a properly scheduled and professional manner - with a faithful respect to the original design. Extremely trustworthy and dependable as well as being most personable, he would be an asset to any project." Tom - Pasadena
  9. "John was hired to do an full and extensive exterior restoration of our home. He repaired totally rotted rafter tails, replaced fascia, installed window trim where none existed, and custom aged everything to appear original. He is hands-on, whether he performs the work himself, or oversees the craftsmen he hires. My house has been entirely transformed back to how it was intended to be. The work was very reasonably priced for what he does, and he is very highly recommended." Jerry - South Pasadena
  10. "We looked long and hard for a contractor who could restore our 1926 'Janes Cottage' to its former glory. We are thrilled to have found John Diele, a very accomplished old house specialist. No one else we met with had the vision, artistic eye, or expertise to do the job. Neighbors comment on the restored front porch, windows, and graceful center steps to the house that were original to the house. Now, thanks to John, they are back. He shows up on time and is always easy to communicate with. We are sure we would never have been able to bring our house back without John's knowledge of old houses and how they are constructed, and his exacting guidance of the project. Don't look any further." Naomi - Altadena
  11. "John goes above and beyond to make sure the job is done correctly. His attention to detail is second to none. Our 1953 Fickett home needed roof work and a new paint job. We had a lot of termite damage and rot in our soffits and fascia boards. He made the areas lookj like new without replacing the wood. As a general contractor he oversaw the extensive prep work and the painting. There are a lot of odd angles to the house and he made sure everything was just right. John has a lot of great ideas and suggestions on things we could do to improve the house, both esthetically and functionally. He's great to work with and bounce ideas off of. Highly recommended for his expertise and attention to detail. Patrick - Van Nuys